The 2017 season established KXT as one of the most exciting venues in Sydney, and a national leader in programming, with a strong commitment to emerging artists, gender parity, experimental work and culturally diverse work. KXT hosted - 15 plays; 2 festivals; 4 world premieres; 9 Australian premieres; 8 female directors; 14 female writers; 4 script developments; 6 female producing teams; 3 major diverse projects; 2 international co-productions.


THE LADEN TABLE “One of the most ambitious and logistically complex efforts you’ll see in an independent theatre this year.” Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

This was a hugely successful venture artistically and financially. The play was hailed as a new Australian classic with rave reviews, industry buzz and sold-out houses. Twelve artists from culturally diverse backgrounds were present on stage and – rarely for such a big cast in independent theatre - all artists were paid a fee for their service. The Laden Table appeared on the Best-of the-Year lists of leading Sydney reviewers Suzy Wrong and Kevin Jackson.


JATINGA “An irresistible blend of music, movement, puppetry and arresting performances... For one of our smallest companies to reach out so far beyond themselves to make a difference in the world is remarkable. One of the most ambitious companies in the country.” Cassie Tongue, Time Out

Another hugely successful culturally diverse production both artistically and financially. A brilliant new Australian-Indian collaboration - the result of an international artistic exchange, developed over 4 years and resulting in rave reviews and another sold-out season. Eleven artists from different cultural backgrounds appeared on stage. The production featured in the best-of-the-year lists of leading reviewers Jason Blake, Cassie Tongue and Kevin Jackson.

bAKEHOUSE presents Jatinga by Purva Naresh.jpg

DRY LAND “It may well be that this production is remembered for its shock value and the visceral reaction it pulls from its audience members. It’s significant and rare. But it’s also a play that’s worth much more than that, and one that paints a picture of young women’s lives rarely seen on stages.” Ben Neutze, The Daily Review

Another critically acclaimed, sold out season. Dry Land became the show to see in Sydney after an audience member fainted on opening night, and on the back of brilliant direction and performances garnered 8 nominations at the Sydney Theatre Awards, including Best Independent Production, Best Director, and Best Actress – with Sarah Meacham (first seen in bAKEHOUSE’s The Laden Table) going on to win Best Actress.