The first bAKEHOUSE production was June 2008. 10 years ago, almost to the day, from first performances of DRESDEN. That was a play co-written by Justin Fleming with Melvyn Morrow, directed by Suzanne Millar, with a season at Seymour Centre and a cast that included Ben Wood. Suzanne and Justin have gone on to work together on another 4 productions

Our season of DRESDEN is a celebration of collaboration.

and here’s a cool little interview with Justin from 2008...  "This week, Justin talks with us under our one big umbrella and tells us why Suzanne Millar and Dean Paul Gibson are some of the coolest directors on the planet; why he swiftly turned down a suggestion to collaborate on an OJ Simpson Musical; why he would never write a play about his life, but if there were to be one written about him, it would have dashes of romance, tragedy and “pearls of comedy”; and things that inspire him..." One Big Umbrella READ MORE 


2008: her holiness by Justin Fleming & Melvyn Morrow | Dir: Suzanne Millar

With: Bernadette Ryan, James Lugton, Alan Dearth, Alisa Hawkins, Ben Wood, Cat Martin, Megan Thomas, Katherine Shearer, Tony Stock, Matt Tredinnick

‘…beautifully produced, directed and acted…nothing short of breathtaking. Suzanne Millar’s production of her holiness is Australian work at it’s finest.’ Bev Kennedy, Arts Hub

2009: A Land Beyond the River by Justin Fleming | a bAKEHOUSE commission, a part of StoryLines

Dir: Suzanne Millar With: Elijah Williams, Alex Jalloh, Kir Deng, Andrew Cutcliffe, Harry Flitcroft, Jarrod Crellin

‘…in A Land Beyond the River this exceedingly talented troupe of Aboriginal, African, Asian and Caucasian actors are almost inseparably and insuperably good in their respective roles…" Crikey


2011: Coup d'Etat by Justin Fleming | at NIDA, transferring to Seymour Centre

Dir: Suzanne Millar With: Renee Lim, Felino Dolloso, Shingo Usami, Donald Sword, Cat Martin

‘…a fascinating, absorbing play that combines sweeping politics with a powerful human drama…capturing both the epic nature of the political background and the intimate personal relationships…’ Jo Litson, Sunday Telegraph

2012: StoryLines Festival, launched at NIDA then transferring to Bondi Pavilion, a part of the Tamarama Rock Surfers season

Junction by Justin Fleming | Dir: Suzanne Millar With: Guy Simon & Stacey Duckworth

deals with Aboriginal ideas about time, memory, ancestral spirits and respect with profound subtlety and panache…’ Lloyd Bradford Syke


A Land Beyond the River by Justin Fleming | Dir: Suzanne Millar With: Aileen Huynh, Andrew Cutcliffe, Elijah Williams, Jasmin Simmons, Cheyne Fynn, Kir Deng, Andrew Cutcliffe, Guy Simon, Joshua McElroy

‘A beautiful thing to watch, a perfect example of a director in tune with a writer’s vision, and dedicated cast, perfectly on point to deliver on that expectation…’ Lisa Thatcher

Coup d'Etat by Justin Fleming | Dir: Suzanne Millar With: Monroe Reimers, Shingo Usami, Renee Lim, Donald Sword, Cat Martin

‘…this fine production, directed by Suzanne Millar, is textured, rich and immediate...bright, fast-paced and colourful" Benjamin Neutze, Aussie Theatre


2014: His Mother's Voice by Justin Fleming, ATYP Selects | Dir: Suzanne Millar With: Alice Keohavong; Angela Tran; Arisa Yura; Dannielle Jackson; Felino Dolloso; Harry Tseng; Isaiah Powell; John Gomez Goodway; Jonathan Surjadi; Michael Gooley; Monica Sayers; Renee Lim

"Entrancing. A work of substance and resonance..."  Deborah Jones, The Australian


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