Notes from a recent presentation
...So lets get a little philosophical: There are two things that theatre can do: it can tell the stories of the world we live in. And it can tell the stories of the world we want to live in. So we’ve been putting the world on the stage in the middle of the Cross. KXT is up the hill from the Old Fitz, across the road from Griffin, Hayes is down the street, and the World Bar is through the lights. In the theatre world they talk of the new Kings Cross Arts Precinct, and we’re chuffed to be right in the middle of it.

The arts is intrinsic to a communities well being. Its the big ideas around support, and relationship and conversation, connection. And its also just value adding to your life style. At the time when the area and its demographic is rapidly changing KXT is somewhere you can come have a meal, watch a show, check out some art and catch an event.
At KXT we invest in the arts community by keeping costs at a level that allows companies to pay their actors, designers, directors and production teams. We’re passionate about opportunities for young artists and have championed new work from the next generation of theatre makers. KXT has been home to more than 20 premiere productions and new plays since launching.

But we’re a small company, a not for profit run by volunteers with procedures in place to ensure professional standards. We’re not ambitious. No one makes money in the arts. And we don’t think its possible to run a profit in a theatre (And why should you?) We’d love to see KXT embraced and supported by the local community, and become a place that the area is proud to host. Somewhere that speaks to the community about who they are, and who they want to be.

We’ve just finished a sold out season of THE LADEN TABLE and as we speak Mophead is in final rehearsal for BETWEEN THE STREETLIGHT AND THE MOONby Melita Rowston, a 2016 STC Patrick White Awrd finalist. Broadly speaking its about artists and writers in Paris. This afternoon we saw a white piano wheeled in and we reckon you might want to get along! After that bAKEHOUSE is back with JATINGA, our international co-production with artists and companies in Mumbai.

bAKEHOUSE at KXT is in the risky business of independent theatre. We’d love your support. We’ve got shows and events and art exhibtions programmed all year round, so get on the website and check out what’s on: buy a ticket; come have a meal, hang out at the bar for a drink after the show, say hi if you see us in the foyer. We’re in the heart of Sydney’s newest arts precinct, in the heart of Sydney