— KXT2018 —

In 2015 bAKEHOUSE had a little idea that grew. It was an idea about how we could put the world on a small stage in Sydney; how we could invest in the sustainability of independent companies and artists; how we might create a venue that was accessible and affordable, and known for work of excellence; how to create a place in Kings Cross that would be a hub for radical community engagement through the arts
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after a whirlwind two years, during which level 2 of the hotel was gutted, KXT was built, relationships and partnerships set up with the hotel, procedures put in place and a whole heap of documents written up, we find ourselves in the heart of the city, in the heart of Kings Cross. In the last 2 years more than 40 productions have been staged at KXT, companies have worked with more than 400 cast, crew and creatives, and around 25,000 people have walked through the doors. We’ve had 6 sold out seasons, performances of theatre, dance and music, with multiple festivals, art exhibitions, events and panels, and plays that have toured and won awards. We want to acknowledge and extend our most heartfelt thanks to those companies who have over the past 2 years, worked with us to take on the risky business of independent theatre, in a new venue in a new arts precinct.

Lies Lies & Propaganda; Tooth & Sinew, Montague Basement, Linda Sings, Catherine McKinnon & Co, Subtlenuance, The Kings Fools, Vivid, Brilliant Adventures, Some Company, St James Choir, Jetpack, Noli Me Tangere, Post Haste Players, Left of Centre, De Quincy Co, The Kings Collective, Siren Theatre, the Impending Room, Priscilla Jackman, LOT5, Stories Like These, Freefall Productions, Advise.Devise.Repeat, Mophead, KXTeethcutting, Mad March Hare, Outhouse Theatre Co, Rocket Productions, MKA, Don’t Look Away

Thank you for sharing the risk that is KXT. We would not be able to announce such a dynamic 2018 season without your investment and support
So. What does KXT2018 hold?

KXT2018 includes 9 Australian premieres, 5 world premieres, 5 new works from Australian writers, and the development of work from an additional 9 writers. The year includes 2 major social justice programs built from community collaborations, 6 diverse works, partnerships and collaborations with 2 NGOs and 1 major arts institution. KXT2018 exceeds gender equity. We are investing in quer writing with 3 productions and 1 development, and not just during Mardi Gras. Our season includes 3 large scale events, and a cheeky new event. We continue our radical community engagement with cheap tickets, open door access, regular play readings, art exhibitions, panel events, foyer meet ups, and schools and university programs. Most importantly KXT is investing in the future, providing opportunities and support for 15 of Sydney’s most exciting young artists as part of the inaugural KXT Step Up program. So lets meet them:

Amy Morcom - Beth McMullen - Derbail Kinsella - Elijah Williams - Eve Beck - Hannah Goodwin - Jessica Adie - Joshua McElroy - Julia McNamara - Kate Walder - Luke Carson - Rebecca Blake - Tabitha Woo - Tom Mesker - Trishala Sharma

we’ll be supporting and assisting this team as they develop new work, build new partnerships and collaborations and take on the world.
in addition we are partnered with CASULA POWERHOUSE THEATRE to provide a writer’s residency to a promising young playwright from the Liverpool District, who will spend time between the Powerhouse and KXT, as we work together to develop a new play to be staged at both venues. We want to thanks Lilian Silk for her work on this project.

bAKEHOUSE’s long experience with grassrots community collaborations continues when we partner with Cana Community to present StoryLines, giving voice to the most marginalised as they transition from prisons, addictions, violence and crime, and make their way back into an often unforgiving and frightening world. For this year long project we will be working with young writers and actors with the support of NSW Governor David Hurley to provide a platform for our city’s unheard voices. And we will continue our work with Katie Pollock on Human Activity a part of the bAKEHOUSE Artistic and Cultural Exchange and is her response to her time in Mumbai for the first read and development of Jatinga. Its an extraordinary play, a collision and intersection of the fantastic worlds of Mumbai and Sydney.
and finally we embark on exciting large scale immersive theatre events playing out over multiple levels of the hotel, building on the breakout success of VISITING HOURS, for Vivid 2016; with value adding creative content, in partnership with Kings Cross Hotel

So let’s hear from the producers and directors of KXT2018