An old-school Sanitorium. A revolutionary new pharmaceutical. And a quest for eternal life. 

A doctor’s work is never done.

The surprise sold-out hit of Vivid 2016 returns, updated and extended in a New and Improved Formula! Visiting Hours is a mind-bending immersive experience that sees the Kings Cross Hotel re-imagined as an off the grid medical facility run by an enigmatic and dangerously obsessed doctor. The Doctor is back, and he has the cure for all ills.

It's time to book in for your appointment.

By John Harrison, Constantine Costi & Michael Costi 

Directed by John Harrison & Michael Dean 

With Arisa Yura, Cheyne Fynn, Derbail Kinsella, Elijah Williams, Emma White, Heather Prowse, Jim McCrudden, Joshua McElroy, Katherine Shearer, Keiren Brereton, Laura Djanegara, Mansoor Noor, Monica Sayers, Nicole Wineberg, Rebecca Claire Moret, Richard Hilliar, Rose Costi, Sarah Evans, Sheila Kumar, Suz Mawer, Tara Clark, Yannick Lawry

Production Design Anna Gardiner; Lighting Design Benjmin Brockman; Sound Design Tegan Nicholls; Production Manager Andrew McMartin; Producer Suzanne Millar

in partnership with KINGS CROSS HOTEL

Visiting Hours gets it right. Here, for once, is an immersive show that engages its audience emotionally, not just viscerally, or with the short-lived appeal of novelty. Meticulously staged and otherworldly… It’s quite a trip.
— Jason Blake, Audrey Journal
The performances from the surprisingly large cast – new performers keep appearing around every corner – are first-rate… sublimely beautiful in performance, lighting, and sound design.
— Ben Neutze, Time Out
Visiting Hours is a thrilling show… The experience is often terrifying, but in a humorous, often childlike way, where we engage in the sensation of fear, understanding that no real danger is ever present. The spaces are marvellously designed… Benjamin Brockman’s lights are almost inappropriately sexy… Tegan Nicholls’ sounds are powerfully hypnotic.
— Suzy Wrong, suzygoessee
Yet another example of bAKEHOUSE’s commitment to new ideas and unconventional theatrical experiences… a striking example of the creative teamwork that is the mainstay of theatre.
— Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers
Visiting Hours leaves the fourth wall far behind. Throwing oneself into the act, and playing along when required, is a real delight. Visiting Hours is much more than one or even five stories and that’s something to relish.
— Glenn Falkenstein, Arts Hub
Pulsing at the heart of this thrilling theatrical experience is a love that literally travels through time and various states such that it exists as the healing basis for each event, no matter how bizarre.
— Lisa Thatcher, Lisa Thatcher Reviews
Intriguing… the detail in the work is incredible. The large 25 person cast is consistently strong with a range of talent that handle audience interaction, beautiful jazz music, ethereal operatic and comic dramatic styles.
— Jade Kops, Broadway World
A gorgeous and powerful sense of ethereality…
— Tim Garratt, Theatre People
Experience immersive theatre done to perfection with bAKEHOUSE Theatre‘s production Visiting Hours. Taking place over five levels of the King’s Cross Hotel, you’ve never seen anything like it before. The second you finish you’ll want to book in with friends to go back a second time… I can only hope that bAKEHOUSE puts on this triumphant piece of immersive theatre on a regular basis.
— The Plus Ones