Two Chairs

I’m collecting these fragments and storing them. Now more than ever, we need to have a repository of these stories. Maybe one day we can make sense of it all - how and why these particular threads in our grand narrative have come to survive and were returned to us, filtered through the Southern Lights.
— Stockwell, 2Chairs

In 2013 bAKEHOUSE brought together a company of 21 actors, from 11 countries with 16 languages, to begin work on a multi-lingual development, exploring the idea 'what happens to you happens to me'. Staged initially to positive response in 2013 at CRACK Festival and for industry at ATYP, 2CHAIRS has continued in development in 2014 and 2015. 

In December 2014, Suzanne worked with actors Elijah Williams, Claudette Clarke, Cheyne Fynn and Jarrod Crellin, and writer John Harrison, to extend and develop, edit and streamline the existing script, with an anticipated full production in 2018. 


Members of the originating company

Deng Akot (Sudan) | Phil Lye (Australia) | Bron Lim (Malaysia/China) | Jarrod Crellin (Australia) | Tony Stock (Australia/Italy) | Alex Jalloh (Sierra Leone) | Elijah Williams (Sierra Leone) | Tyrrel Freeman-Mafi (Rural NSW/Tonga) | Yarrie Bangura (Sierra Leone) | Xavier Levins (Australia) | Alisa Hawkins (Australia) | Amelia Tranter (Malaysia) | Derrick Byimira (Rwanda) | Kir Deng (Sudan) | Claudette Clarke (Ghana) | Akech Kir Deng (Sudan) | Cheyne Fynn (Zululand/South Africa)) | Joshua McElroy (Australia) | Johnson Ngor (Sudan) | Suzanne Millar (Australia/Maori New Zealand) | John Harrison (Australia) | Dino Dimtriadis (Greece / Australia) | Kay Yasugi (Japan) at Pupperoos | Andrew McMartin (Australia)