bAKEHOUSE is seeking sponsorship and support to take JATINGA to Mumbai, India in November 2017
bAKEHOUSE has been invited to launch the CENTRE STAGE FESTIVAL of New Work at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai, India, with performances of JATINGA 24 & 25 of November 2017. This will be an international co-production with NCPA and Aarambh Productions, Purva Naresh’s popular and succesful theatre company

WE ARE SEEKING: sponsorship for travel, accommodation and artists fees

DATES: 17 - 26 November being one week of on site rehearsal + engagement with project partner AAWC and a weekend of performances

FURTHER DETAILS: 9 Australian performers and 2 production personnel

Travel and accommodation supporters will be noted as presenters ~ donors to the artists fees will be listed as sponsors.


JATINGA by Purva Naresh
presented by [ presenter listed here ]
a bAKEHOUSE & Aarambh co-production with NCPA
Proudly sponsored by [ sponsor listed here ]

NOTE: This will be recorded on all printed material including posters, signage and programs, as well as online on all website listings.

for further information please contact

mob: 0431040586 | e:


at KXT, bAKEHOUSE is committed to providing and affordable and accesible venue. We’re invested in the sustainability of companies, artists and new work. We’re at the forefront of diverse programming, theatre for social change and gender equity. We’re keeping the door open for new and emerging artists

Want to be a part of KXT2018? Then now is the time to...

~ SEND a short covering email
telling us why this is the play you want to stage at KXT
~ ATTACH a single page doc giving: a brief description of the play + short bios of the production team including Director, Producer and any confirmed cast
~ PLUS proof of successful application for rights
~ AND 2 options of preferred dates
~ ALSO a copy of the script



WHEN: open now ~ closes 31 August 2017



bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company launched KXT -Kings Cross Theatre at the end of 2015 to support Sydney’s indie theatre scene and the local arts community.
We’ve come up with a process that offers companies heaps of support and maximum autonomy
We’re investing in a sustainable excology for indie theatre


since we opened in 2015 we've been offering

that’s right, we give you the gift of time itself! Bumping in a show on Monday, trying to ready for a sneaky preview on Wednesday before opening on Thursday or Friday adds a huge risk to indie productions - if you’ve not hit the mark on opening night, your season isn’t long enough for word of mouth to make up for it. At KXT we offer at just over half price an EXTRA WEEK of time in the venue
along with a flat rate weekly hire and the bAKEHOUSE subsidised week, KXT is one of the most affordable theatres Sydney. Most importantly:
so when your show is a hit you’ll make money
we let you in on the Monday then offer easy key access to the space during your hire - the place is yours from midday to midnight
We promote your work across our social media platforms, subscriber base and marketing networks, including the Solotel chain of hotels and exposure at our neighbours within the growing KINGS CROSS ARTS PRECINCT
We’re a new venue, and we’re still building our venue audience. But we will be working with you on audience-building and profile-raising
One of the best in Sydney. 3 phase power (of course!) a kick-ass lighting kit, state of the art desk and gear, great sound. Everything your designers need to make your work beautiful
KXT supports local artists by exhibiting their work in our funky foyer - these exhibits are changed regularly so our audiences are never quite sure what they will encounter on their next visit to KXT. We’ll do our best to ensure the artwork ties in with your show
through the bAKEHOUSE Step Up program we’re providing opportunities and support for new work, companies and artists.
we support your box office for previews and Opening Night; run your Opening Night event on the rooftop bar; host a special event during your season
we’re in the heart of Sydney’s newest arts precinct ~ in the heart of Sydney”





OVER ON SOCIAL MEDIA we’ve been talking about how prolific indie theatre is here in Sydney. Highlighting the stuff going on as part of Bondi Feast. Promoting all the new work and new writing. We were planning to use that to launch into a conversation about a couple of things we’ve been thinking about: the responsibilities of funded companies to reach beyond themselves, to make bold decisions. To do simple things like programming work with big casts. We were going to talk a little bit about the lack of recognition for the little guys doing the big things.

Mostly we wanted to consider the responsibility of the industry to view and frame work in the context of RISK and INVESTMENT
As in: how is it possible to compare an independent company staging a production with a cast of 11 diverse actors, that runs for 3 weeks and is all UNFUNDED (Jatinga) - with a funded co-production on one of the city’s professional stages? Both are successful. But which one has the highest risk? And shouldn’t we talk about that?

We were going to frame a clearly considered and well articulated post that would hopefully ask some big questions. But we’re pretty busy: there are just a couple of us and we’re trying to get JATINGA to a bigger audience; we’re meeting with the gang from Step Up; we’re getting things ready for our call out for 2018; we’re working on audience building and profile raising...

All unfunded.

Another feather in the cap for the Kings Cross Theatre, which hasn’t put a foot wrong in this its first year” ~ Jason Blake SMH


at KXT, bAKEHOUSE is committed to providing an affordable and accessible venue. We’re invested in the sustainability of companies, artists and new work. We’re at the forefront of diverse programming, theatre for social change, and gender equity. We’re keeping the door open for new and emerging artists.
IF YOU’VE GOT A SHOW you’d like to see as part of KXT2018, then now is the time...
SEND us a short covering email telling us why this is the show you want to stage
ATTACH a single page doc with a BRIEF overview of the show, why you reckon it should be part of the season, and details of your production and creative team
AND a copy of the script

WHEN: now until 31 August 2017

if you'd like to know what floats our boat then GO HERE


BUT KXT is more than that ~ we want to know what gets YOU excited

want to know how we get it done? click here

bAKEHOUSE is constantly working to break down gender disparity on Australian stages, promote diversity and give back to the community, and this production is a bold, brave and critical step on that journey...” Emily Caldwell, Weekend Notes


Notes from a recent presentation
...So lets get a little philosophical: There are two things that theatre can do: it can tell the stories of the world we live in. And it can tell the stories of the world we want to live in. So we’ve been putting the world on the stage in the middle of the Cross. KXT is up the hill from the Old Fitz, across the road from Griffin, Hayes is down the street, and the World Bar is through the lights. In the theatre world they talk of the new Kings Cross Arts Precinct, and we’re chuffed to be right in the middle of it.

The arts is intrinsic to a communities well being. Its the big ideas around support, and relationship and conversation, connection. And its also just value adding to your life style. At the time when the area and its demographic is rapidly changing KXT is somewhere you can come have a meal, watch a show, check out some art and catch an event.
At KXT we invest in the arts community by keeping costs at a level that allows companies to pay their actors, designers, directors and production teams. We’re passionate about opportunities for young artists and have championed new work from the next generation of theatre makers. KXT has been home to more than 20 premiere productions and new plays since launching.

But we’re a small company, a not for profit run by volunteers with procedures in place to ensure professional standards. We’re not ambitious. No one makes money in the arts. And we don’t think its possible to run a profit in a theatre (And why should you?) We’d love to see KXT embraced and supported by the local community, and become a place that the area is proud to host. Somewhere that speaks to the community about who they are, and who they want to be.

We’ve just finished a sold out season of THE LADEN TABLE and as we speak Mophead is in final rehearsal for BETWEEN THE STREETLIGHT AND THE MOONby Melita Rowston, a 2016 STC Patrick White Awrd finalist. Broadly speaking its about artists and writers in Paris. This afternoon we saw a white piano wheeled in and we reckon you might want to get along! After that bAKEHOUSE is back with JATINGA, our international co-production with artists and companies in Mumbai.

bAKEHOUSE at KXT is in the risky business of independent theatre. We’d love your support. We’ve got shows and events and art exhibtions programmed all year round, so get on the website and check out what’s on: buy a ticket; come have a meal, hang out at the bar for a drink after the show, say hi if you see us in the foyer. We’re in the heart of Sydney’s newest arts precinct, in the heart of Sydney


... quietly developing work of great important and ethical concern - attention should be paid
- Kevin Jackson KJ Theatre Diary
since our first season in December 2016, KXT has played host to a series of dynamic productions, exciting companies and brave new work. In 2017 alone the season includes 13 premiere productions and 7 developments. We’ve just come off the SOLD OUT SEASON of The Laden Table, and before we head into Jatinga (June 2017) we thought we’d take a minute to find out where in the world everybody is...


Novemer 2016: GOOD WITH MAPS by Noelle Janaczewska and presented by Siren Theatre Co premiered as part of the inaugural INVISIBLE CIRCUS, a month long festival of new work celebrating women artists. The production received the following Sydney Theatre Critics Awards: Best Director (Kate Gaul), Best Score or Sound Design (Nate Edmondson - winner). It has a restaging at Belvoir Theatre in June befroe heading off to Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Photo credit: Natasha Narula

Photo credit: Natasha Narula

Another feather in the cap for KXT - which hasn’t put a foot wrong in this its first year
- Jason Black SMH


Also nominated: ELIJAH WILLIAMS was nominated for BEST NEWCOMER at the Sydney Theatre Awards for his lead role in the bAKEHOUSE production of BLACK JESUS. He went on to be awarded the Don Reid GLUG for emerging new talent, to work with Sport for Jove in the mutli award winning Antigone as well as their 2017 Education Season. He’s also now Usain Bolt’s Australian body double. Seriously


July 2016: The Some Company production of LEAVES was nominated for nine awards by


Also in development as part of the INVISIBLE CIRCUS: The Laden Table staged in March 2017 & Jatinga, our international co-production currently in rehearsal ahead of its June 2017 season at KXT. We’ve been in development with both these plays since 2014, collaborating with multiple artists and companies. Jatinga has been invited to launch the prestigious CENTRE STAGE FESTIVAL of new work at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai Nov 2017
Pictured: Trishala Sharma // Photo credit: Natasha Narula

Pictured: Trishala Sharma // Photo credit: Natasha Narula

one of the most ambitious and logistically coplex efforts you’ll see in an independent theatre this year
— Jason Blake SMH
Still to come: more international work with Puntilla/Matti presented MKA (Aus) and Doppelgangster (UK); new and original work from a reconfigured and rebooted Don’t Look Away; the premier of Between the Streetlight and the Moon by Melita Rowston, a Patrick White Playwright award finalist in 2016, presented by the fabulous Mophead team (May 2017). Plus we’ve got 4 new script developments under way


We’ll be announcing details of our exciting STEP UP program soon, supporting new and emerging artists and new work. We’ve been dong that for a while now (see ALL of the above) and its time we put a plan in place
Jason: This is your new crew?
Sean Asa: Well they ain’t my bookclub

- Step Up: All In (2014)
Pictured: Mansoor Noor & Jessica Paterson // Photo credit: bAKEHOUSE

Pictured: Mansoor Noor & Jessica Paterson // Photo credit: bAKEHOUSE

One of the best spots to connect with raw indie theatre”
- Lisa Thatcher


I am talking but you don’t listen. I am speaking but you don’t hear me
It’s a special night in the households of two Australian families. For the Fishmans it’s Yom Kippur, for the Ka’adans it’s Eid. The families gather round their dinner tables, they joke and laugh, debate and argue, they pray and tell stories. By the end of the evening, a secret they both share will be exposed. And it will change their lives forever

With the divisive rhetoric of Trump and the constant surprise of Pauline in public office, this is about as topical as it gets
AUDITIONS ~ Thursday 19 January & Saturday 21 January

REHEARSALS ~ times will be arranged around the availability of cast. In general terms bAKEHOUSE rehearses 2 or 3 evenings a week and 1 weekend day. Not all cast are required for all rehearsals.

ALL CAST MUST BE AVAILABLE for the week of 6 - 12 March. A finalised schedule will be issued at the commencement of rehearsals

FIRST READ ~ Sunday 22 January at 7.30 pm
REHEARSALS COMMENCE ~ the final week of January

We are looking for characters of multiple ages, male and female. Please note that some roles have already been cast.
We would like you to present 2 short contemporary monologues, of not more than 2 minutes each, one of which is to be Australian. You may be asked to read from the script


Please email
PLEASE INCLUDE a recent headshot and brief bio

We will contact you by 12 January to confirm your audition date and time.

We will have limited times available and unfortunately we will be unable to audition everyone who applies

here’s to strong women. may we know them. may we be them. may we raise them

Through November 2016  amazing team of women as part of the INVISIBLE CIRCUS & the Sideshows, presented by bAKEHOUSE Theatre Co, Siren Theatre, the Impending Room & Priscilla Jackman. An army of women working together to present three plays in rep, three plays in development, open rehearsals, art exhibitions, music, forums and panel discussions. You really should get along to Kings Cross in November:

click this link for  INVISIBLE CIRCUS 

and this link for   THE SIDESHOWS 

Earlier in the year we had the privilege of hosting SOME COMPANY, directed by Rachel Chant with a vast production and design team of 9 women (and Nate Edmondson...) It was a wonderful season of a wonderful play and we had a theatre full of creative and inspiring women delivering a gentle story of a family in flux in a beautiful way. 

Throughout 2016 KXT exceeded gender parity. By the end of the year we will have played host to:

- 17 producers who happen to be women

- 11 directors who happen to be women

- 10 writers who happen to be women

Our artistic team is one half woman, so...of course

There are a stack of amazing women making amazing work. We've met some of them, certainly heard about a lot more. And we wanted to set some time aside at KXT to celebrate this work. And to make sure that their work was part of a broader conversation: let's make note of the fact that this particular amazing show was delivered by and amazing team of women. Or lead be this particular brilliant woman.

We'd like to make sure that we're recognising the talented women who are making the work. 

We'd like to have a conversation about the empowerment and celebration of women in the arts. We'd like us all to set targets.

We shouldn't have to. 

But we need to. 




bAKEHOUSE is proud of its long history of working with emerging artists and championing new work. As part of the 2016 Sydney Fringe program, September at KXT is all about emerging artists: Atlantis with first time director Kit Bennett presented by subtlenuance (6 - 10 September) ; Transience a new work by Clare Hennessy presented by emerging indie company Left of Centre (13 - 18 September); Performance Platforms Tess De Quincey works with a company of young dance artists (September 26 - October 1).


The Kings Collective in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company presents

by Dennis Kelly
Directed by Michael Abercrombie
With Grace Victoria and Joshua Brennan
8 - 22 November

I think the biggest threat isn’t what people do to you, it’s what you do to yourself...

They were all in the pub when the explosion happened. Louise wakes up to find herself trapped with Mark, who has saved her life. Mark is always prepared for the worst and has everything he thinks they will need to survive; tinned chilli, Dungeons and Dragons and a knife - now all they need to do is to wait until it's safe to go outside. Can they survive the attack? Can they survive each other?


Two of Sydney's most daring and influential theatre-makers, Kate Gaul and Suzanne Millar, have joined forces to create Invisible Circus - a season of plays, performances and provocations written and directed by Australian women. 

Kate Gaul directs Good with Maps by Nöelle Janaszweska. Cathy Hunt directs Jessica Tuckwell’s Tiny Remarkable Bramble. Priscilla Jackman with Sunny Grace present their new work The Angelica Complex. Suzanne Millar presents the Sideshows: open rehearsals and produced readings of The Laden TableFreefallingand Jatinga. There'll be special events, heaps of conversations, and art and music

a program of bold, brash and blisteringly diverse works... - broadway world

7 - 27 November




Keep an eye out for Elijah Williams, who has gone from Gabriel in our hit production of Black Jesus to Sport for Jove's Antigone. Congratulations to Michael Dean (Visiting Hours and His Dark Materials) who teamed up with the awesomely talented Michael Cullen (Metamorphoses) to bring The Greatest Corn Chip in the Universe to the Sydney Fringe. Dorian Nkono (Moyo in Black Jesus) is appearing in The Faithful Servant at The Street Theatre in Canberra. Yael Crishna (Jatinga) hits The Parks New Festival this month. Spare a thought for Yalin OzucelikJames Lugton and Alice Keohavong - they've been on the road for a long time but are about to bring Bell Shakespeare's Othello to Sydney!

12 hours over 2 days of good oil for all of those who need to come to grips with the ins and outs of producing (especially ARTISTS who want to get that show ON). Led by Kate Gaul who has successfully produced the work of Siren Theatre Co since 1997! These are hands-on sessions - you will come away with a plan.


Here's some free stuff from our mates:

2 double passes to Tess de Quincey's Performance Platforms, Saturday October 1 at 7:00pm. 

2 double passes to After The End presented by The Kings Collective, Friday October 7 at 8:00pm. YES PLEASE!


We've been able to get KXT up and running in 2016 with the support of Solotel and Kings Cross Hotel, and the incredible generosity of many artists. We’d like to thank Elliot, Lloyd and the KX Hotel team, Left Bank Wines, Jaipur Assets Management, LBW Trust and Education and Learning Foundation – ELF.

And of course a huge thankyou to the legends at Mandylights, who installed our kickass rig and then sponsored our SOLD OUT season of the original bAKEHOUSE immersive theatre production, VISITING HOURS, running through June as part of Vivid Sydney.

Our website was in serious need of an upgrade! It took some time, let me tell you... There was a lot of material in the old vault, a lot of rubbish under the carpet, a lot of blood under the bridge. Like reality-TV hoarders, we didn't want to throw anything away. So we needed serious help!

Luckily these days, even dummies like us can look the business!