I am talking but you don’t listen, I am speaking but you don’t hear me.

It's a special night for two Australian families. Jacob's family attends to the ritual of Yom Kippur, Ibrahim's family celebrates Eid. By the end of the evening, a secret they both share will be exposed. And it will change their lives forever.

A brave piece of writing challenging ‘dinner table racism’, the first draft of The Laden Table played to packed houses over 3 nights at ICE in 2014. Now with a newly developed script, The Laden Table was presented as a produced reading as part of the Invisible Circus Women's Festival at KXT - Kings Cross Theatre - the last stage of its development before a full production in 2017.

With the divisive rhetoric of Trump and the constant surprise of Pauline in public office, this is about as topical as it gets.  

Written by Yvonne Perczuk, Nur Alam, Raya Gadir, Chris Hill, Marian Kernahan & Ruth Kliman.

Directed by Suzanne Millar; Assistant Director John Harrison; Lighting Design Benjamin Brockman; Set Design Courtney Westbrook; Sound Design William Newnham; Costumes Sonia McAlpine; Stage Manager Andrew McMartin

With Abi Rayment, Alex Chalwell, Donald Sword, Doron Chester, Geoff Sirmai, Gigi Sawires, Jessica Paterson, Justina Ward, Mansoor Noor, Monroe Reimers, Sarah Meacham, Suz Mawer.

One of the most ambitious and logistically complex efforts you’ll see in an independent theatre this year.
— Jason Blake, SMH
It is a magnificent piece of writing, that interrogates, with unyielding severity, the nature of prejudice... Structurally intricate, but with a vivid and coherent plot line, the play addresses issues of great profundity in a manner that is both elucidative and deeply affecting.
— Suzy Wrong, suzygoessee
The writing is extraordinary, the direction extremely certain and the performances from all 12 actors convincing and heart felt... At the heart of this play is a great passion. Nothing Australian of similar quality or subject matter has appeared on either the STC or Belvoir stages for some time.
— Kevin Jackson
With Brexit, Trump, racism and war seeming to dominate the global stage at every moment, now is exactly the time for complicated, inspired theatre such as The Laden Table.
— Matthew MacDonald, The Buzz from Sydney
This production of The Laden Table is an excellent example of the heights independent theatre can reach... Suzanne Millar forms a cohesive whole that engulfs the audience, causing an experience of real beauty in the face of undeniable tragedy. Everyone is spot on here, and the result is that delicious thrill only superbly executed indie theatre can produce.
— Lisa Thatcher
Dinner is waiting. Come with an open heart and mind to the resplendent, heavily laden table. This production by bAKEHOUSE Theatre company is superb, beautifully crafted, written and acted...
— Lynne Lancaster, Sydney Arts Guide
This is a very moving production... at times disturbing and confronting, at others touching and hopeful. There are moments of humour and moments of passion... Overall, it is very real, its strong and painfully authentic messages depicted by an enthusiastic, committed cast – and a sensitive, perceptive director.
— Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers
A new Australian work, relevant to just about everyone... this production should not be missed.
— Alana Kaye, Theatre Now

2016 team

Written by Yvonne Perczuk, Nur Alam, Raya Gadir, Chris Hill, Marian Kernahan, Ruth Kliman; Directed by Suzanne Millar; Technical Support Andrew McMartin & Heidi Annand; Produced by John Harrison

With Abi Rayment, Carla Nirella, Chris Yaacoubian, Dalia Dior, Davey Seagle, Geoff Sirmai, Julia Christensen, Justina Ward, Mansoor Noor, Monroe Reimers, Sarah Meacham, Tony Sloman


THE LADEN TABLE was made possible by an enormous team of generous independent artists through 2 development seasons and a final production. Our grateful thanks to: Aaron Sweeten; Amy Scott-Smith; Abi Rayment; Alan Dearth; Ali Morad; Carla Nirella, Katherine Cassidy; Matt McElroy; Matthew Millar; Michael Gooley; Monroe Reimers; Sarah Meacham; Erin Taylor; Julia Christensen; Davey Seagle; Alex Chalwell; Dahlia Dior; Erin Taylor