The Ishmael Club

old fitz theatre, july 2015

Directed by Suzanne Millar; Lighting Design Andrew McMartin; Sound Design John Harrison; Stage Manager Andrew McMartin; Producer John Harrison

Cast Jasper Garner Gore, Richard Hilliar, Katrina Rautenberg, Amy Scott-Smith.

These actors are terrific at the best of times, and these are the best of times: a great script with sublime writing, plus characters that are rich with personalities that are multi-layered and with lives that are equally rich in adventure.
— The Buzz, Sydney
The play itself is a joy to behold with the four familiar faces of the leads beautifully vibrant and alive on the stage. Katrina Rautenberg, Jasper Garner-Gore, Richard Hilliar and Amy Scott-Smith shine under the direction of Suzanne Millar.
— Lisa Thatcher
Richard Hilliar puts armfuls of passion into playing Dyson and his partnership with Amy Scott-Smith is a vibrant one... Director Suzanne Millar has the cast play them with gusto...
— Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald