Opportunities at bAKEHOUSE

Its been great to work with a whole bunch of artists at the start of their careers, and its been exciting for us to see them go on to work on some of our most important stages, including Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir, Griffin, Bell Shakespeare, Melbourne Theatre Company, Queensland Theatre Company, Ensemble and Sport for Jove.

big love to

Harry Tseng (His Mother's Voice; His Dark Materials); Guy Simon (Storylines 2012); Alice Kheovong (His Mother's Voice); Elijah Williams (Visiting Hours; Black Jesus; Two Chairs; StoryLines 2012); Constantine Costi (Visiting Hours; Great Expectations); Monica Sayers (Visiting Hours, His Mother's Voice); Aileen Huynh (Storylines 2012); John Goodway (His Mother's Voice); Joshua McElroy (Visiting Hours; Two Chairs; StoryLines 2012);  Arisa Yura (His Mother's Voice, Visiting Hours); Dino Dimitriadis (Metamorphoses; StoryLines 2009; Two Chairs); Stacey Duckworth (StoryLines 2012); Michael Dean (Visiting Hours, Love Field, Hi Dark Materials, Great Expectations); Danielle Jackson (His Mother's Voice; His Dark Materials); Ben Wood (Love Field, Her Holiness); Suz Mawer (Jatinga; The Laden Table, Visiting Hours)...

And to all the other amazing actors we've worked with over the years.


Now through our theatre KXT, we can provide opportunities to even more artists and theatre-makers.