Night Slows Down

written & directed by phillip james rouse

Pictured: Trishala Sharma Photo credit: Natasha Narula

theatre to provoke social change

MARTIN - On Twitter people are posting flag burning, people throwing bricks at banks and cars.
SHARON - Hooligans.
MARTIN - No. That’s the weird thing. It’s just normal people



Sharon wants to find her husband. Martin wants to be free. Seth seeks redemption. NIGHT SLOWS DOWN imagines a world where far right extremists have won the election. Where ordinary citizens riot in the streets. Where human rights are denied. Where storm clouds are gathering.

Democracy dies. Experts are vilified. Cities collapse. Siblings turn on each other, and families are torn apart. NIGHT SLOWS DOWN sees the scale of the problems we face globally shrunk down to one family.

Written in the days following Trump’s election, this new play by one of Sydney's most important theatre-makers considers how small choices and moral failures can lead inexorably to a disaster point. From the companies that brought you the indie smash hit Inner Voices, and political powerhouse productions The Laden Table and Jatinga - Don’t Look Away and bAKEHOUSE join forces to imagine a world that is only a moment away.

Written & Directed by Phillip James Rouse; Production Design Anna Gardiner & Martelle Hunt; Lighting Design Sian James-Holland; Production Manager Shell McKenzie

With Andre de Vanny, Danielle King, Johnny Nasser