I Am We Are

bakehouse at mt druitt, november 2015

It’s a free country!
Yes it is. Right up to the end of the pavement. But once you step off the pavement, its mine. My lawn. My country. My rules. I own this bit of grass here, and you don’t get to walk on it. So get off my lawn.

Their stories. Their way.

bAKEHOUSE spent 6 months at Mt Druitt working with year 11 and 12 students in the development of an entirely new theatre experience, I Am We Are.

Mt Druitt has an incredibly diverse  community with over 50 nationalities and languages amongst its student population. Many of these students come from struggling families or refugee backgrounds. For many, the dream of tertiary education is an impossibility because without Australian citizenship they would need to pay full fees to attend university. bAKEHOUSE teamed with the Old Ignatians Union to develop a play to be presented at a fundraiser night on December 3, 2015. 

Over 200 people attended performances of I AM WE ARE and OVER $50,000 WAS RAISED TO FUND TERTIARY EDUCATION FOR STUDENTS in need.