His Dark Materials

atyp, OCTOber 2014

Philip Pullman’s epic masterpiece His Dark Materials spans three novels - Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. Massive in scope and scale, the series creates a richly imagined world - parallel universes, Arctic explorers and priests, witches and daemons, armoured bears and angels, illicit medical experiments and a war brewing against god himself... and the young girl who could change the outcome for them all. Nicole Kidman starred in a film version called The Golden Compass. In 2004 the National Theatre in London commissioned a stage adaptation by Nicholas Wright. The full version is two full length plays with a cast of 25 to 30, puppetry, physical theatre, and a lot of technical whizzbangery - a huge undertaking for any company. 

And we got inspired to see how we might try and pull it off!

The following team collaborated over 4 supersonic rehearsals with a presentation to industry and audience on October 9, 2014:

Directed by John Harrison; Assistant Directors Michael Dean and Michael Costi; Lead Design Adrienn Lord; Design Aleisa Jelbart; Lighting Design Christopher Page; Sound Design Will Newnham; Stage Manager Andrew McMartin; Producer Suzanne Millar

Cast Amy Green; Amy Scott-Smith; Andrew Den; Cheyne Finn; Christopher Stalley; Dannielle Jackson; Ellen Bailey; Harry Tseng; Jacki Mison; Jim McCrudden; Kieran Foster; Kit Bennett; Lucy Heffernan; Pip Dracakis; Richard Hilliar; Simon Croker; Stephen Lloyd-Coombs