Great Expectations

atyp under the wharf, october 2012

Directed by John Harrison; Assistant Directors Constantine and Michael Costi; Lighting Design Christopher Page; Sound Design Marty Jamieson; Design John Harrison and Sean Minahan; Stage Manager Michael Dean; Costume Design Suzanne Millar; Producer Suzanne Millar

Cast Alan Dearth; Callum McManus; Cheyne Finn; Daniel Hunter; Jacki Mison; Jarrod Crellin; Jessica Paterson; Jim McCrudden; Kieran Foster; Patrick Sherwood; Rebecca Saffir; Richard Hilliar; Shannon Ashlyn; Sophie Haylen; Stephen Lloyd Coombs;

Young, lively, and imbued with a feeling of magic...
— Rima Sabina Aouf, concrete playground
bAKEHOUSE lives up to the perils of ambition. Minimalism is the key to holding tight the reins of so ambitious a project. The only thing as big as Dickens’ novel here is the acting and the
marvellous direction.
— Lisa Thatcher
I really do hope the company continues to grow and develop their ensemble, it’s such a great strength of them as a producing body and collective of artists. bAKEHOUSE have done a sterling job. If you are looking for a gently ambitious, joyful, crowded burst of energy... GO SEE IT!
— Erica Brennan, Theatre Junkies
Director John Harrison has created an ensemble cast that are, without exception, brimming with enthusiasm, sharp timing, humour, colourful accents and fluid entertaining choreography.
— Bronwyn Fullerton, Sydney Arts Guide
Harrison’s has used the techniques of epic theatre so well to bring this clever adaptation to the stage. He keeps the pace constant yet direction is intricate. Cast members move swiftly, smoothly, seemingly effortlessly from character to story teller, at the same time moving quickly in carefully directed paths to set situations or re-establish scenes... The ensemble work is impressive, the energy and enthusiasm of the cast almost palpable...
— Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers
Please sir, can we have some more?
— Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald