The silk on your back, the sugar in your tea, all of this - all wealth is built on the suffering of others.

Directed by John Harrison & Michael Dean

Production Design Patrick Howe; Lighting Design Benjamin Brockman; Composition & Sound Design Nate Edmondson; Costume Design Suzanne Millar and Sonia McAlpine; Stage Manager Andrew McMartin; Assistant Director Charles Vaux; Producer Suzanne Millar

With Rebecca Abdel-Messih, Lloyd Allison-Young, Violette Ayad, Andrew Den, Ryan Hodson, Tinashe Mangwana, Suz Mawer, Emma O’Sullivan, Gideon Payten-Griffiths, Ariadne Sgouros, Annie Stafford, Amanda Stephens-Lee, Petronella Van Tienan, Jack Walton, Joshua Wiseman.

Coram Boy is a tale of two cities - London and Gloucester - and two orphans at the Coram Hospital for Foundling Children: Toby, saved from an African slave ship, and Aaron, the abandoned son of the heir to a great estate. On the cusp of the Industrial Revolution, the wealth of England’s aristocracy is built on slavery and children are its commodities. Born poor, or of the wrong sex, or the wrong skin colour, or with a disability, the world’s unwanted children face a terrible future. 

Spanning 3 generations, Jamila Gavin’s best-selling novel is at once a glorious love story and an epic Dickensian thriller. It is a spell-binding, heart-breakingly beautiful tale of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, children lost and found, betrayal and murder. And love. And the redemption that love brings.

in 2018 the World Health Organisation WHO announced that child slavery is on the rise. Coram Boy examines the fate of the unwanted children of our world